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Why pay more when you can hire the perfect option and get moving!

Our Rockingham Kwinana Mobility and Rehabilitation Supplies (or, since that’s a mouthful to say: “RKMRS” for short) has just opened – both online, and with a physical store in Rockingham! Although our affiliated Warnbro Pharmacy has offered mobility aid options for a long time, we wanted to provide an even wider range of options and […]

NDIS Claims and mobility should be stress free…We can help with that!

Nobody likes dealing with a bunch of (sometimes confusing) paperwork and having to pay out of pocket (if you don’t need to). Here’s the good news: RKMRS is a registered NDIS Provider. As you may know, NDIS (the National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a government initiative designed to support Australians with a permanent disability live […]

What’s better than a customised product?

There’s something a little bit different on today’s menu: Modification and Customisation. No, not for the home, or a car – we’re talking about mobility equipment…because who says you need to go for the regular option (not us)! This may come as a bit of a surprise (as there aren’t many places that offer this […]

We have just opened the RKMRS doors!

It’s the RKMRS grand opening! We’re fully stocked and just opened the doors to our physical store ( 3/95 Dixon Rd, Rockingham) AND our 24/7 online store! When it comes to mobility aid devices and equipment, we’ve worked hard to ensure we can offer you the most extensive product range in the region. It was incredibly important to us to […]

A regular a yearly service can save you in more ways than one!

Today’s we wanted to chat about the service and maintenance options available to you (or a loved one) with regards to mobility aids and assisted devices. In many cases this equipment is essential for day-day life, and if it were to break, well, that can be an accident waiting to happen. We also understand that often your […]

Discover all the great (and exclusive) products waiting for your at RKMRS!

We thought it was high time we draw the curtains and reveal some of the special products waiting for you at RKMRS! You could say we’re pretty lucky because RKMRS actually has exclusive rights to the specific products below. They are unique to us, with the sole purpose of keeping our promise to you that you’ll find […]

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