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Nobody likes dealing with a bunch of (sometimes confusing) paperwork and having to pay out of pocket (if you don’t need to).

Here’s the good news: RKMRS is a registered NDIS Provider.

As you may know, NDIS (the National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a government initiative designed to support Australians with a permanent disability live a full and independent life.

The associated NDIS Assistive Technology Program is here to assist Australians with limited mobility have access to a wide range of devices for an improved lifestyle.

This may be a simple tool like a pencil holder, or more advanced equipment, such as walkers and wheelchairs. It comes down to what you or the person in your life needs.

We know it’s not the “yacht sailing through the south of France” that you were maybe hoping for, but we do what we can!

What kind of services does rkmrs offer via ndis?

RKMRS work alongside healthcare providers and NDIS Case Managers to help eligible individuals access a range of support services, assistive technology and/or therapies.

Occupational Therapy

We also have some pretty amazing registered Occupational Therapists who can work with a NDIS clinician to find the best assistive devices, assist with demonstrations, training on proper use, and much more for you.

Processing NDIS Claims

We can process service bookings easily through our NDIS portal online, and have plenty of experience in processing NDIS claims (in a way that is simple and stress free for you).

After all, we’re sure you’d probably much rather be having a cup of tea than dealing with documents, right?!

NDIS Eligibility

If you aren’t already part of the NDIS and would like to check your NDIS eligibility, you can do so here.

Steps for ndis particpiants

If you are a NDIS participant, you can request a product quote/invoice via:

  1.  Our very quick and easy NDIS Online Enquiry form on this page: once completed, it will be reviewed and we will contact you to discuss further
  2. Our dedicated NDIS page – this is full of lots of information and assistance that can help
  3. You can also have a medical or health professional contact us on your behalf to discuss next steps

3 Ways to find the best option for your mobility needs:

Our showroom in rockingham

  1. Come and visit our physical showroom – it’s not only brand-spanking-new, but also has easy access, parking at the door and accessible in-store amenities
  2. A highly-trained staff member will sit down with you, compare options and listen to your needs to find the best mobility aid option/s

 Our online website:

  1. We have lots (and lots) of options for you to browse online, so you can locate the perfect product to make life easier
  2. Each option has specifications, price and dimensions clearly listed
  3.  You can add the items you would like to purchase to your cart and select NDIS Payment as the payment method. You’ll need to enter the required plan details as shown and complete payment. You’ll receive a confirmation email a few minutes after.

  Your own home

  1.  You can call or email us to organise for one of our friendly RKMRS Equipment Specialist’s to bring some relevant mobility some options to your home
  2.  They can show you exactly how each works and offer alternative options if needed

Remember, you can also trial or hire an assistive device first.

All in-store consultations about equipment, NDIS requirements and the best way this program can be used for you are obligation free and at no cost to you.

Call us on (08) 6147 0921

or email us at [email protected].au to learn more – or, visit us in person! We’d love to meet you.

Wishing you the best,

The RKMRS Team

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