Stander EZ Stand-N-Go


Features include:

  • Padded Hand Grips: Dual cushion handles provide a comfortable and secure place to grip when standing or sitting and supports up to 300 pounds!
  • Fully Adjustable: The EZ Stand-N-Go is fully adjustable in height to fit cushions 12″-21″ from the ground; It also adjusts in width and depth to fit cushions 19″-26″ wide and 24″-27″ deep.
  • Compatibility: Use the stand assist on most any sofa, chair or recliner. Please watch our compatibility video and measure your chair to ensure compatibility before purchasing.
  • Easy to Install: Slide the frame of the EZ Stand-N-Go underneath removable chair cushions or around stitched cushions.

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  • Prevent Falls: The Stand-N-Go provides stability and balance when sitting or standing from your chair or recliner to prevent dangerous falls.
  • Maintain Independence: Easily stand or sit without caregiver assistance, preventing back pain from lifting and skin tears from pulling.
  • Blends with Furniture: The powder-coated steel frame is made to last for years of repeated use and blends in any living room furniture.
  • Better than Arm Rests: Use the stand assist as an alternative to a cushioned chair arm rest for better support and balance.



  • Fits Cushion Heights: 30.48cm – 53.34cm
  • Fits Cushion Widths: 48.26cm – 66.04cm
  • Fits Cushion Depths: 60.96cm – 68.58cm
  • Handle Heights: 17.78cm – 27.94cm above horizontal frame
  • Weight Capacity: 136kg
  • Weight: 3.86kg