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Mobility is an essential part of our everyday lives – it enables us to live independently and carry out tasks with ease. This underscores the importance of mobility aid equipment – devices designed to assist individuals who may have trouble moving around due to age, illness, or disability. These pivotal tools range from walking aids, like canes and walkers, to more complex devices like wheelchairs and scooters.

In a thriving city like Perth, Australia, the relevance of such equipment goes beyond personal comfort. It rings true to the city’s commitment to being fully accessible and inclusive, ensuring everyone, regardless of their physical status, can enjoy all it has to offer.

That said, navigating the range of mobility aids available today may seem overwhelming. Here at Rockingham Kwinana Mobility and Rehabilitation Supplies, we aim to simplify this process for you. We’ve created this guide to help highlight the top three mobility aid equipment available in Perth.


Top 3 Mobility Aid Equipment, Essential for Accessibility in Perth, Australia


1. Wheelchairs

One of the most common types of mobility aid equipment is the wheelchair. Wheelchairs provide both comfort and mobility to individuals who have difficulty walking due to injury, illness, or disability. The type and features of a wheelchair can vary greatly depending on a person’s specific needs and lifestyle.


Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are a classic, affordable option that have been a reliable choice for those who require assistance with movement due to physical limitations. Diverse in nature, there are varieties of manual wheelchairs that differ based on design, features, and purposes to cater to unique individual needs.


Types and Features:

  1. Standard Manual Wheelchairs: Simple yet highly durable, these wheelchairs are designed for all-day usage. Made with sturdy materials like steel, it provides strong support for its users. A prime example from our range is the Redgum Deluxe Transit Chair.
  2. Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs: For the active and on-the-go users, lightweight manual wheelchairs offer easy mobility. Built from lightweight high-grade aluminium, it’s hassle-free to transport. Check out the HospEquip Excel Superlite Transit Chair from our catalogue.
  3. Paediatric Manual Wheelchairs: Specifically designed for children, like the HospEquip Excel Paediatric Wheelchair. These are adjustable wheelchairs designed to grow with the child. They offer features like adaptable seat depths and adjustable backrests to cater to their growing needs.
  4. All-Terrain Manual Wheelchairs: Love exploring outdoors? These manual wheelchairs can effortlessly tackle sandy and rough terrains. Our Sandcruiser All-Terrain Chair is the perfect example of this type.
  5. Transport Wheelchairs: Best for short trips, these wheelchairs are incredibly lightweight and compact – easy to fold and store. Consider our Redgum Opal Transport Chair for this model.
  6. Self-propelled Wheelchairs: Models like the HospEquip Excel G3 Wheelchair and Redgum Trakka Wheelchair are self-propelled wheelchairs. These wheelchairs come with large rear wheels, allowing the users to propel themselves using their arms. They provide greater independence and are equipped with features like adjustable seat heights and adjustable backrests for maximum comfort.

In Perth, manual wheelchairs have a substantial presence due to their usability and versatility. Several public facilities and transport services in the city are wheelchair-friendly, affirming Perth’s commitment to accessibility. Manual wheelchairs, in particular, are a common sight, as they are often the more economical and flexible option compared to their powered counterparts.


Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs offer an excellent choice for users who need enhanced support and independence. These electric-powered mobility aids provide numerous benefits to individuals who may have limited upper body strength, making manual wheelchairs unsuitable for them. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of powered wheelchairs and explore their popularity within Perth.


Features and Benefits:

Powered wheelchairs come with a range of features that maximise comfort and usability:

  1. Powerful Performance: With the built-in motors, powered wheelchairs provide agility and reduce fatigue. The Shoprider Cougar 10 PowerLift Chair found on our website showcases this remarkable attribute.
  2. Effortless Navigation: Manoeuvring with a powered wheelchair is seamless. Powered wheelchairs like the Shoprider Cougar 10 Tilt Power Chair allow users to do so with a superior level of comfort.
  3. Customization and Adjustability: Our powered wheelchairs, such as the Shoprider Cougar 14 Electric Wheelchair, come in various configurations, enabling users to fine-tune their seating, giving them the care and support they need.
  4. Independence and Mobility: Powered wheelchairs afford users the opportunity to move about freely, increasing their autonomy and well-being.
  5. Custom Controls: Equipped with joystick controls and other accessible user interface options, powered wheelchairs offer intuitive navigation suited for users with varying limitations.


Recognizing the demand for full independence and mobility, powered wheelchairs are becoming increasingly popular in Perth. They are widely available and often recommended for those with more serious mobility issues, for whom manual operation may not be viable.

Here at RKMRS, we offer a wide range of both manual and powered wheelchairs to suit a variety of needs, providing powerful, comfortable, and reliable mobility solutions.


2. Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are remarkable devices that transform lives, providing greater self-reliance for users with limited mobility. Balancing comfort and performance, these scooters offer a viable option for enhancing independence and fostering an active lifestyle.


Types and Specifications

When it comes to mobility scooters, one size does not fit all. With diverse types and specifications, matching the right type of scooter to individual needs is important. Let’s discuss the variations between the three-wheel, four-wheel scooters, and different alternatives suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Three-Wheel vs. Four-Wheel Scooters

Three-wheel scooters, such as the Shoprider QT8-3 Wheel Portable, are versatile mobility aids, known for their manoeuvrability and compact design. With a tighter turning radius, they’re perfect for navigating close-quarter areas.

On the other hand, four-wheel scooters like the Shoprider QT8-4 Little Beauty Portable offer increased stability and are better suited for outdoor use or uneven surfaces. Their wider wheelbase makes them a steady choice for those aiming for more robust outdoor activities.


Indoor and Outdoor Models

Indoor scooters are designed with an emphasis on manoeuvrability and compactness. These scooters, such as the Shoprider GK9 Little Ripper, are perfect in smaller spaces, offering excellent manoeuvrability around tight corners, narrow hallways, or crowded areas.

Outdoor models, like the Shoprider Rocky 4, are built for toughness, stability, and range. These scooters can handle a wide range of terrains, over longer distances, and generally have higher weight capabilities to cater for heavier users or loads.

Mobility scooters provide vital support and freedom for those with limited mobility, ensuring their chance for an active lifestyle. Perth, as a city with a focus on accessibility, offers a scooter-friendly environment, making it a fantastic location for mobility scooter users.


3. Walking Aids

Mobility can be a challenge for many adults, especially as we age or face certain health conditions. Fortunately, there are many types of walking aids available to assist with daily activities and maintain independence.



Canes are one of the most common types of walking aids. They are simple, yet effective mobility aid used by individuals who require minimal to moderate weight-bearing assistance or balance support.

They come in two primary styles:

  1. Standard Canes: Standard canes, as the name suggests, are the most common type of cane. They have a single point at the end that touches the ground and a straight or slightly curved handle for comfortable grip. Models like the Redgum Crooked Cane with Hand Strap are good examples of standard canes. They assist in balance while walking and serve as a prop when standing or rising from a seat.
  2. Quad Canes: Quad canes have a four-point base that provides greater stability than standard canes. As the four-pronged foot design makes more contact with the ground, these canes are ideal for individuals who need substantial support and have severe balance issues. Products like the Redgum Aluminium Quad Cane with Offset Handle embody the features of quad canes.

Whether you require a standard or a quad cane, at RKMRS, we offer a variety of walking sticks and canes to suit your needs.


Walkers and Rollators

Walkers and rollators are excellent aids for those who require enhanced stability and support while moving. Walkers provide the stability needed to maintain balance, while rollators, equipped with wheels, aid in more efficient mobility.


Types and their functions:

  1. Standard Walkers: These aids are typically lightweight with four legs providing a stable base for balance. They must be lifted for movement, making them ideal for indoor use. A perfect example is the Redgum Side Folding Walker, which also offers folding functionality for easy transport and storage.
  2. Rollators (Seat Walkers): Rollators, or seat walkers, come equipped with three or four wheels and locking brakes, allowing for a continuous, flowing movement. They often come with additional features like seats, backrests, and baskets for added convenience. Examples from our collection include the Redgum Enduro Super Lite Carbon Fibre Seat Walker and the Aspire Vogue Carbon Fibre Seat Walker, which incorporate lightweight yet durable materials for easy use and handling.
  3. Knee Walkers: Ideal for individuals recovering from foot or ankle surgery, knee walkers provide a comfortable alternative to crutches. The user’s injured leg rests on a padded platform while the other leg propels the walker. The Redgum Comfort Ride Knee Walker is a popular option.
  4. Forearm Walkers: These walkers, also known as European walkers, are designed with forearm rests and hand grips, offering enhanced support for users with weak hand grip or poor balance. The Redgum Forearm Walker is an excellent choice.
  5. Bariatric Walkers: These walkers are built to support heavier users, combining enhanced stability, and durability. The Redgum Mighty Mack Wide Walker caters to this need.


Each type of walker or rollator available at RKMRS is designed with the user’s safety, comfort, and mobility concerns in mind.


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Take the first step towards a more accessible, independent future. Browse our selection and find the perfect mobility aid for you!

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