Wild Goose Lambskin Open Toed Care Boot


Features Include:

  • Allows for ventilation and accommodates individuals recovering from surgery or experiencing swelling..
  • Crafted from high-quality, medical-grade sheepskins, ensuring comfort and support.
  •  Convenient Velcro opening at the top of the foot for easy adjustability.
  •  Accommodates swelling and allows users to adjust the fit as needed.


The open-toed care boot, uniquely designed for post-surgery or individuals with swelling. Crafted from medical-grade sheepskins, this boot offers exceptional comfort. The Velcro opening at the top of the foot provides extra adjustability, ensuring a customized fit tailored to your comfort needs.

Additional information


XS, S, M, L


Australian Men Size:

XS: 3-4  S: 5-6 M: 7-8 L: 9-10

Australian Women Size::

XS: 5-6 S: 7-8 M: 9-10 L: 11-12