Vulkan Ice Bag Wrap Universal


Features Include:

  • Removable 20cm ice bag can be used with or without neoprene wrap
  • Easy to apply; provides secure, non-slip positioning of cold therapy to affected area
  • Can also be worn comfortably on elbow or ankle
  • Ice bag helps relieve pain and swelling
  • Adjustable level of compression
  • Universal size; one size fits most

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Relieve knee, elbow, or ankle pain with our adjustable cold therapy solution. The removable ice bag and adaptable knee wrap ensure targeted relief, while easy application and secure positioning enhance its effectiveness. Customize the compression level for personalized comfort, making it a versatile and convenient option for managing discomfort and promoting joint recovery.

Additional Information:

How To Wear:

Place ice cubes in bag and fill 2/3 with cold water. Place bag through hole of the wrap and tighten lid. Position wrap on affected area and secure with straps front and back.



Colour: Black

Size: One Size Fits Most