Vulkan Ice Bag 11 Inch – Blue


Features Include:

  • Treats soft tissue injuries, bruises, muscle pain & swelling
  • Pleated for easy filling and expansion. Won’t drip or leak.
  • Conforms well to affected area

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Brands:: Vulkan


Experience effective relief for soft tissue injuries, bruises, muscle pain, and swelling with our specially designed therapy pack. Made for easy filling and expansion, this pack ensures convenient use and optimal coverage of the affected area. Its non-drip and leak-proof design guarantees mess-free application, while the pack easily conforms to the contours of the affected area, providing targeted and soothing relief.

Additional Information:

How to use:

Place ice cubes in bag and fill 2/3 with cold water. Apply to affected area for 10-20 minutes.


Cease use if ice bag causes discomfort. If you are affected by circulatory problems seek medical advice before use. Allow skin to return to normal temperature between treatments. Use in short intervals no longer than 20mins. Check ice bag for leakages before use. Do not use over broken skin.



Colour: blue

Size: 27.9 cm