Venosan Silverline socks


Features Include:

  • Silverline Socks provide a unique blend of coolness in summer and warmth in winter. The superior moisture-wicking properties keep your feet and legs dry for all-day comfort.
  •  Designed for travel, these socks assist in reducing ankle swelling caused by extended periods of sitting. Wear them before travel to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Proven to relieve tired, aching legs and overall fatigue due to prolonged periods of standing. Supportive socks combat strain on the venous system, reducing the risk of future vein disorders.


This innovative technology helps eliminate bacteria and fungi associated with foot odor, athlete’s foot, and fungal nail disease. Ideal for travel and work, Silverline Socks provide effective relief and support. Wear them for comfort during long journeys or for combating fatigue from extended hours on your feet at work.

Additional information


Men, Women


S, M, L


Beige, Black



  • Small: ankle – 16.5- 20.5 cm, calf- 26.5 –  37 cm
  • Large: ankle – 24.5 cm – 28 cm, calf- 32-43 cm


  • Small: ankle – 19 – 21.6 cm, calf – 28-38 cm
  • Medium: ankle – 21.5-24 cm, calf – 33-43.5 cm
  • Large: ankle – 23-26.5 cm, calf- 35.5 – 46 cm