Venosan Below Knee Open Toe Stocking – 4001


Features Include:

  •  The long-stretch material enhances ease of application, making these compression garments user-friendly and convenient.
  •  Tailored to fit up to 90-95% of the general public, these compression stockings offer a versatile solution for various body types.
  •  Suitable for a range of conditions, including varicose veins, ulceration, thrombosis, sclerotherapy, pregnancy, as well as for everyday work and travel.


Engineered to wick away moisture, this compression garment ensures an exceptional wear experience. The long-stretch material makes application effortless, providing a well-balanced graduated compression that accommodates 90-95% of the general public.

Additional information


S, M, L, XL


Black, Marokko, Mexico


  • Medium: 23-26cm
  • Large: 26- 29 cm
  • Extra Large: 29-31cm
  • Compression: 18-21Hg