Unicare Sock/Stocking Aid Foxy


Features Include:

  • Ideal for people with limited hand function or bending difficulty
  • Ergonomically shaped flexible plastic design
  • Notched to secure sock in place
  • Two long pulling tabs with loop handles
  • One size fits all

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Brands:: ANSA , Unicare


Affordable and straightforward, the Foxy offers assistance for putting on socks or stockings, particularly beneficial when bending or reaching is challenging. Its flexible plastic core is wide enough to comfortably fit larger feet without causing undue stretching to the hosiery. Notches on either side aid in securing the stocking in place while pulling it up around the foot and leg. It’s important to note that the Foxy is not suitable for use with compression therapy stockings.


Overall Length: 175 mm

Overall Width: 210 mm

Overall Height: 1 mm

Strap Length:  900 mm

Unit Weight: 35 g