Stander Handy Handle


Features include:

  • Increases Leverage: The Handy Handle provides a safe way to assist a loved one to stand from a seated position.
  • Rubber Grips: The 9.5″ x 4.5″ ribbed plastic handle with rubber grips allows for a comfortable and secure grip for both caregiver and patient.
  • Portable: The small standing device is easy to store in a glove box, middle console, or take in a purse to use anywhere.
  • Heavy Duty: The Handy handle can support weights of up to 158kg
  • Three Color Options: Choose between three colour options: Red, Blue, and Cream
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Brands:: Stander


  • Increase Safety: The Handy Handle helps users come to a standing position using maximum leverage and eliminates tears on fragile skin.
  • Avoid Injuries: By eliminating the need for under-arm grabbing and pulling with force, the Handy Handle protects against strain on a caretaker’s back and prevents harmful pulling on shoulders, arms, and wrists.
  • Easy to Disinfect: Unlike gait belts or lift belts, the handle can be used while keeping a comfortable distance from patients and can easily be sanitized between uses.
  • Great for Caregivers: The handle is perfect for caretakers, nurses, and therapists to help disabled, handicapped, and senior patients with limited mobility.

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Blue, Red, Cream



  • Weight: 454g
  • Weight Capacity: 158kg
  • Length: 24.13cm
  • Width: 11.43cm