Redgum Deluxe Transit Chair


Features Include:

  • Available in three sizes; 17”/ 19” / 22″
  • Folding frame / fold down backrest
  • Padded rotating / removable / reversible armrests
  • “Desk Arms” allow you to move closer to table
  • Removable swing away leg rests
  • Adjustable height swing up footrests with heel strap
  • Attendant and occupant hand brakes
  • Attendant propelled push handles
  • Hard wearing nylon upholstery
  • Seat belt
  • Storage pocket on backrest


Redgum’s Transport Deluxe wheelchair has a lightweight aluminium frame and is available is three seat width sizes, 430mm (17″), 485mm (19″) or 560mm (22″). The Transport Deluxe wheelchair features a folding backrest, attendant controlled rear hand brakes, removable armrests and swing away leg rests.

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56cm, 48.5cm, 43cm


Red, Blue


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