Quintro Crutch Caddy


Features include:

  • A Crutch Caddy used in professional settings such as hospital rooms next to beds or chairs, in bathrooms, rehabilitation rooms, waiting rooms and gyms
  • Give patients independence.
  • Has Glow in The Dark technology so that even in pitch darkness it is safely seen and acts as a locator for replacement of the crutches.

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The Crutch Caddy is a unique Healthcare/Homecare/Disability/ Mobility Aid product designed to hold crutches in an upright position where they should be, right next to you. Till now there has never been a product for this purpose. It is light in weight (1kg/2.2lb) but very durable, portable and unobtrusive and has Glow in The Dark’ technology.

Crutches are a safety hazard and an inconvenience when not in actual use. They are usually propped up in the nearest corner, leaning dangerously at an angle on the bed or chair, or worse, on the floor.