Peformance Health TheraBand


Features Include:

  • Premium Construction: Quality latex ensures durability and a familiar tactile feel.
  • Consistent Performance: Maintains elongation properties and 100% pull force over repeated use.
  • Patient Transformation: Simple yet effective for strengthening, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Proven Progression System: Seven levels, from Extra Thin to Super Heavy, in the THERABAND Trusted Progression™ System.
  • Clinical Excellence: Developed by clinicians, featuring a range of accessories and handles.


Designed for muscle strengthening and increased range of motion, this latex tubing is color-coded to denote varying resistance levels, allowing users to track progress effortlessly.

Additional information


Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Red


Resistance weight: 1.7 kg ( red ) through to 4.6 kg