Lambskin Bed Overlay


Features Include:

  • Offers a comfortable experience, remaining cool in summer and warm in winter, while absorbing up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp.
  • The Hi Temp Medical Sheepskin range is urine and blood-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use.
  •  Suitable for home, hospital, and nursing home use.
  •  A pure Australian medical sheepskin with a material backing ensures comfort for extended periods in bed.
  • perspiration and wetness.


This versatile sheepskin is designed for various settings, from the home to hospitals and nursing homes. Crafted from pure Australian medical sheepskin with a material backing, it ensures unmatched comfort for extended bedridden hours. Beyond comfort, it plays a crucial role in pressure ulcer prevention with even pressure distribution and effective moisture management. The addition of Velcro strapping guarantees a secure fit, making it an essential and reliable choice for enhanced well-being.

Additional information


Double, Single, Day



  • Double: 134 x 185 cm
  • Single: 75 x 150 cm
  • Day: 75 x 125 cm