HospEquip Jay Fusion Cushion

$1,092.00 inc GST

Features Include:

  • Femoral transition and rear wall: support trochanters and posterior pelvis while preventing fluid migration
  • Pelvic Loading Area determined by skeletal measurements: proper positioning, optimal immersion and weight distribution
  • Fluid or air insert: conforms to individuals’ shape ensuring proper placement beneath boney prominences
  • Air levels of the air insert can be adjusted: accommodate asymmetrical postures and changing needs
  • Dual-cover system: water resistant inner protects foam base from fluids while stretch outer cover is machine washable
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The Jay Fusion is an adjustable wheelchair pressure cushion designed for skin protection. It features two insert options; either the Jay Flow™ Fluid or the Roho dry floatation® air insert offering a package that’s comfortable, stable and supportive. The contoured Fusion base is constructed of closed-cell foam. The soft, contoured top layers provide additional positioning and adjustability. The width of the Pelvic Loading Area is determined by using the average pelvic bone measurements of users for each cushion width thereby accommodating the vast majority of individuals and offering forward and lateral stability.


Width: 35.5cm – 61cm
Height: 10cm
Length: 35.5cm – 61cm
Product Weight: 1.55kg (air) | 2.4kg (fluid)
S.W.L: 136kg
Sizing: Cushion must be correctly sized to the individual