Home Craft Kitchen Workstation


  • Adaptive kitchen aid makes cooking prep easier for people who only have the use of one hand
  • Durable chopping board has suction cup feet to secure in place even on wet countertops
  • Includes removable grater, slicer, raised L-shaped corner, removable stainless steel spikes, and a removable clamp
  • Enjoy preparing ingredients and cooking your own food independently with the help of this kitchen tool
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean up, BPA, phosphates, and latex free

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Useful One Hand Kitchen Tool

The Homecraft Kitchen Workstation combines several helpful features into one convenient device. The durable chopping board has suction cup feet to keep it in place during use. After securing it on your countertop, use the board for prepping food. The L-shaped corner keeps a slice of bread in place while you butter it or spread jam or jelly on it. A removable clamp holds a bowl for mixing ingredients. The clamp edge reverses from flat to contoured depending on your needs.

The Homecraft Kitchen Workstation

There are even more great features on this tool. A removable grater and slicer make veggie prep easy and come with a protective cover. Removable stainless steel spikes keep food in place when you are cutting, chopping, slicing, or peeling. The chopping board measures 19-¾” by 11-¾”. Leave the Kitchen Workstation attach to your countertop with suction cups for convenience or simply remove after use and resecure as needed.

Ideal for Use By Amputees or After Stroke

Cooking can be challenging if you only have the use of one hand. A kitchen workstation acts as a second hand, allowing you to do prep work before cooking. It can hold a vegetable for you while you chop, hold a bowl while you stir, and more. It’s an ideal kitchen tool for stroke survivors who only have the use of one arm (hemiparesis), amputees, and others who only have the use of one arm.