Home Craft Long Handled Net Sponge


Features Include:

  • Long Handled Net Sponge makes bathing and showering less of a strain and more pleasurable for men and women
  • At 380 mm, the length helps to clean the areas that are hard to reach for those with limited range of motion
  • The netting used for this body washer exfoliates while it cleans making the shower or bath more luxurious. Additionally, it will hold the soapy lather longer for an added touch of richness
  • Lightweight and curved handle increases the ease of use
  • Ideal for those with arthritis or difficulty reaching any distance

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The curved handle reaches challenging areas, perfect for those with arthritis or limited mobility. Lightweight and easy to use, this alternative to brushes or sponges cleans and exfoliates, providing a longer-lasting, stress-free shower. The loop at the handle’s end ensures convenient drying and storage.


Length: 380 mm