National N-2000 Bidet


Features include:

  • Slimmest bidet currently available in the market
  • The finely contoured stainless steel nozzle features a removable tip for improved cleanliness, along with an anti-contamination cover for both the nozzle and air dryer, maintaining a superior level of hygiene
  • Designed with ergonomic considerations
  • Advanced remote control provides extended range and superior connectivity
  • 6 levels of wash pressure
  • Improved waterproofing offers a safer user experience


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The National 2000, with a height of only 99 mm, holds the distinction of being the slimmest bidet currently available in the market. Tailored specifically for the Australian market, it is renowned for its reliability, affordability, and top-tier quality. The N2000 emerges as the most contemporary and economical bidet choice in Australia, characterized by its competitive pricing, innovative design, and outstanding features.

Distinguishing itself from other bidets in its price category, it incorporates premium features such as an ultra-thin seat and top, curved stainless steel nozzles, double the water pressure, a built-in variable color night light, and versatile functions including pulse, massage, enema, and child settings.