Coway Bidet Regular


Features include:

  • Self-sterilising stainless steel twin spray nozzles and an automatic deodoriser
  • Prioritises functionality, durability, comfort, and energy efficiency
  • Wide spray option, allowing adjustment of the spray pattern width from narrow to medium or wide
  • Charcoal block neutralises any smells
  • The handheld remote is designed to minimize the risk of injury associated with reaching for toilet paper. It empowers the user to adjust nozzle position, seat temperature, water and dryer temperature, water pressure, and spray width

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This elegant and modern design has soft lines and subtle curves that will enrich your bathroom whilst delivering uncompromising hygienic power and efficiency. The technologically advanced design of this Coway BA13B offers an energy efficient instant heating system providing warm, cleansing water. The BA13B has 3 additional features on top of the amazing features of the BA13A. The wide spray function, deodoriser and silver ionisation. These additional features add more luxury to an already amazing product.

This bidet comes with a durable and compact remote control that was designed to fit comfortably in your hand and can also be mounted magnetically to a wall holder. An additional accessory that can be purchased for use with the BA13B is the 3 Way Control, this product may assist individuals with extreme mobility difficulties or visual impairments.

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