Body Assist Inguinal Hernia Belt


Features include:

  • Customizable support for an inguinal (groin) hernia on either side
  • Pads shaped to match anatomy aid in maintaining closure of the hernia
  • Prior to surgery, utilize the adaptable foam pads for optimal comfort and pain alleviation
  • Designed to be lightweight and easily worn, accommodating various body shapes
  • Crafted from non-irritating materials
  • Suitable for wearing during activities such as swimming or showering


Comfortable & effective in cases of left or right side inguinal Hernia & operative recuperation.  Removable foam pads can be adjusted to suit left or right side. Made of lightweight material construction & assists to inhibit skin irritation. The belt can be worn whilst showering or swimming. In cases of post operative recovery it is recommended to remove both pads.

Additional information


Medium, Large, Extra Large


  • Medium: 85-95cm Waist
  • Large: 95-105cm Waist
  • Extra Large: 105-115cm Waist