Ansa Soap Bag 4000


Features Include:

  • Soap holder to assist with washing in shower or bath
  • Prevents soap from falling out of user’s reach
  • Open mesh pouch allows soap to lather
  • Plastic drawstring loops around neck
  • Adjustable draw string length

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Brands:: ANSA , Unicare


The Ansa Soap bag with Adjustable drawstrings is the perfect companion for convenient shower or bath experiences. This holder prevents soap from slipping out of reach, ensuring accessibility during washing. The open mesh pouch not only facilitates easy lathering but also offers visibility of the soap within. The plastic drawstring, featuring adjustable length, loops effortlessly around the neck, providing flexibility for personalized use.


Overall Length: 130 mm

Overall Width: 90 mm

Overall Height: 5 mm

Strap Length: 820 mm

Unit Weight: 10 g