Ansa Multihole leg


Features Include:

  • Multi-Hole Design: ANSLEGP01-03 Leg features multiple holes for adjustable height settings, catering to individual user preferences..
  • Specifically Designed for Ansa Products: Tailored to suit Ansa Shower Chair, Shower Stool, and Over Toilet Frame, ensuring a precise fit and seamless integration.
  • Versatile Use: Provides flexibility in adapting the height of Ansa mobility aids to accommodate various user needs.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, allowing users to adjust and secure the legs with ease.

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Brands:: ANSA , Unicare


The Ansa Multihole leg is crafted from durable aluminum with a clean white finish, this leg features a multi-hole design for customizable height adjustments, ensuring a precise fit to meet individual preferences. Tailored specifically for Ansa products, it guarantees seamless integration, enhanced stability, and easy installation.