Redgum Deluxe Reacher 32″ Rotating Head Dual Action Grip

$27.99 inc GST

Features Include:

  • Excellent aid to extend user’s reach – 750mm
  • Rotatable head (0 – 90°)
  • Minimal finger strength required to operate jaws
  • Comfortable ergonomic soft rubber grip on the handle
  • Large multi-finger trigger
  • Rubber grip on jaws
  • Lightweight – Aluminium arm / plastic parts
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Brands:: Redgum


Introducing the Deluxe 32″ Reacher Tool – a premium-grade assistance device designed to extend your reach effortlessly. Its ample length allows easy access to items that are just out of grasp, making daily tasks smoother and more convenient. Whether it’s on a high shelf or down low, this reacher tool offers a practical solution for everyone, especially for those with mobility limitations. Enjoy a new level of independence with the Deluxe 32″ Reacher Tool.


  • Overall Dimensions 820mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 110mm (H)
  • Jaw Width: 75mm (between fingers)
  • Jaw Depth: 90mm
  • Product Weight: 230g
  • Maximum Load Weight: 5k